Simply put – I want a place to house my content.  I am spending (now) 18 or so months in Honduras with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos – a second family for children across Latin America who cannot be with their biological ones.

Reasons abound for why these kids come to NPH – poverty, sickness, abuse, violence, you name it.  But once here, they are part of a stable, long-term environment to grow up in, ones that does not replace their original families, but simply gives them a second one to also rely on.

When deemed possible and healthy by a team of trained social workers and physiologists, children maintain contact with their family outside.  But in NPH, children are given secondary, alternative family care.  Tios and tias (uncles and aunts) care for kids full time, while everyone recieves an education, healthcare, a balanced diet, and the chance to grow and mature free from the poverty, violence, abuse, or abandonment that would leave them otherwise behind.

It is, in essence, and second family. And, like all families, this one has stories to tell.  Enter my job.

Lots of the posts you see here will be straight from my “nine-to-five” (which actually goes from 8a.m. to 4p.m.).  Please check them out @ NPH Honduras’ website.  Some of the posts will be my own, simply because I write a lot on my off time as well.  The children, the staff, the volunteers, and everyone in between have amazing stories, which deserved to be shared. Some posts will just be my own thoughts on things – conveniently labeled in the menu so you can avoid them as you see fit.

If you only spend one visit to this site, look at the stories that come from the NPH Honduras website.  These are great people, it is a great family.  I hope you get to know them.